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About Udesc

Santa Catarina State University established in 1965 multi campus structured and focused in culture and socioeconomic profile of any region where UDESC has facilities.


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The President´s Office - Florianópolis. - Campus I
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The UDESC offers free education through 48 undergraduate, 23 Master's and 11 Doctoral graduate programs and its 12 Colleges in ten cities around Santa Catarina State. Over 15 thousand students within fields of health, engineering, education, art and business administration with goals contributing to development of the Santa Catarina State and Brazil.

Evaluation of Ministry of Education of Brazil ranked UDESC as the 4th best state university in Brazil and 18th overall among 192 evaluated.

The UDESC team teachers is highly qualified. Over 95% of teachers are masters and doctors - these, 10% participated in post-doctoral training. 




 More informations about UDESC locations establishments. 

More informations about UDESC locations establishments.

College of Administration and Economic Science - ESAG offers courses in english

UDESC has Colleges in Balneario Camboriu, Chapecó, Florianópolis, Ibirama, Joinville, Lages, Laguna, Palmito, Pinhalzinho and São Bento do Sul, and 27 poles of classroom support for distance learning in partnership with the Open University of Brazil (UAB).

Verify our undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Aimed at the full development of academic activities and practices of their students, the UDESC offers complete infrastructure, such as libraries and laboratories, in all its units. 


Veterinary Hospital
College of Agriculture and Veterinary/CAV


The research developed by UDESC generates a high-level knowledge production personnel and professional performance, and help solve specific problems, thereby addressing social demands.

There are 142 groups certified by the National Research Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), divided into eight major subject areas: Agricultural Sciences, Biological, Health, Exact and Earth Sciences, Humanities, Applied Social, Engineering, and Linguistics, Literature and Arts.

The UDESC invests R$ 1.8 million per year through the Program to Support Research (PAP), in partnership with the Foundation for Research and the State of Santa Catarina Innovation (Fapesc), in addition to providing undergraduate research scholarship and promote an annual seminar in the area.

The UDESC also has other advantages, such as the Veterinary Hospital (CAV - Lages City), School of Physiotherapy Clinic (CEFID - Florianópolis City), Museum of Santa Catarina School, The University Publisher, the Copyright Office and three FM radio stations instaled inside the Florianópolis´s, Joinville´s and Lages´s Campus.


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Radios Frequency
UDESC FM Florianópolis FM 100,1 M
UDESC FM Joinville FM 91,9 MHz
UDESC FM Lages FM 106,9 MHz

Staff 2016-2020

President: Marcus Tomasi

Vice-President: Leandro Zvirtes

Provost for Planning and Budget: Leonardo Secchi

Provost for Administration and Business: Matheus Azevedo Ferreira Fidelis

Provost for Teaching and Learning: Soraia Cristina Tonon da Luz

Provost for Research and Post-graduate Studies: Antonio Carlos Vargas Sant´Anna

Provost for Extension, Culture and Community: Fábio Napoleão

Chief of Staff: Thiago Augusto

Dean of Interinstitutional and International Affairs: Amauri Bogo


Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina - UDESC / Av. Madre Benvenuta, 2007 - Itacorubi - Florianópolis - SC
CEP: 88.035-901 / Telefone: (48) 3664-8000
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