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Santa Catarina State University-UDESC

 Santa Catarina State University – UDESC is a free and public university, created in 1965 with the intent of assisting the people of Santa Catarina State to develop and grow academically. The establishment of different campuses corresponded to the profile and necessity of different areas of the State. UDESC is committed to the management of knowledge for the present and the future of the development of the State.

  • Public and Free institution;
  • Maintained by Santa Catarina's state government;
  • 12.000 Students;
  • Main Campus: Florianopolis, capital of Santa Catarina;
  • Seven campuses in different cities of the State;



Level Programs and Majors
Undergraduate 47
Master’s 21
Ph.D 07



Major Degree
College of Education Science-FAED
Librarian – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Geography – Teaching Degree Undergraduate
History – Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Education– Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Education  – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
History – Master's Graduate
Geography – Master's Graduate


Major Degree
College of Business and Economics-ESAG
Business  – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Public Administration – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Economy – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Strategic Management Of Organizations – Master's Graduate


Major Degree
College of Arts-CEART
Theatre– Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Fine Arts – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Art Education Undergraduate
Graphic Design – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Industrial Design – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Fashion – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Music – Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Music – Piano – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Music – Violin – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Music- Cello- Bachelors's Undergraduate
Musi - Guitar - Bachelor's Undergraduate
Theatre – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Visual Arts – Master's Graduate
Music – Master's Graduate
Design- Master's Graduate


Major Degree
College of Health Science-CEFID
Physical Education – Bachelor's/Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Physiotherapy- Bachelor's Undergraduate
Physiotherapy-Master's Graduate
Human Movement Science – Master's and Ph.D Graduate



Major Degree
College of Engineering and Technological Sciences-CCT
Computer Sciences – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Civil Engineering– Bachelor's Undergraduate
Production and Systems Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Electrical Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Mechanical Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Physics – Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Mathematic – Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Chemistry- Teaching Degree Undergraduate
Electrical Engineering – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Material Science – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Physics – Master's Graduate
Mechanical Engineering- Master's Graduate
Computer Sciences- Master's Graduate


Major Degree
College of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary- CAV
Agronomy – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Veterinary Medicine -  Bachelor's Undergraduate
Forest Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Environment Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Soil Science (Management Soil)  – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Crop Science – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Veterinary Sciences – Master's and Ph.D Graduate
Forest Engineering- Master's Graduate


Major Degree
Accounting Sciences- Bachelor's Undergraduate
Information Systems – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Sanitary Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Softwares Engineering Graduate


Major Degree
Zootechny- Bachelor's Undergraduate
Nursing – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Food Engineering – Bachelor's Undergraduate
Technology in Furniture: Industrial Production Undergraduate
Nursing- Specialization Graduate
Food Engineering- Specialization Graduate



Major Degree
Architecture and Urbanism Undergraduate
Fishing Engineering Undergraduate


Major Degree
Petroleum Engineering Undergraduate


Major Degree
Industrial Mechanics Engineering- Bachelor's Undergraduate
Information Systems Technology Undergraduate
Information Systems- Bachelor's Undergraduate
Mechanical Technology- Industrial Furniture Production Undergraduate
Software Development- Master's Graduate
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